We create bespoke moving image for businesses looking to improve their online presence, publicise an aspect of their business, or simply put a message out to the world. Be it a short promotional video that captures your identity as a brand, an infomercial, or coverage of an event you've held, we will tailor a production to your needs. Film aside, our services include still photography, graphic design and animation.


Our office is in Norwich but we offer our services nation-wide. We pride ourselves in our flexibility both in our turn-around times as well as our fees: we're interested in what we can do for you, no matter how your budget or your timescales stand. Our previous clients range from well-known high street retailers and national organisations through to small schools and boutique businesses seeking to introduce themselves to the wider world with a film or other media.

Harry Elvin
Beard: NONE


Harry graduated from Norwich University of the Arts with a 1st class BA honours in Film and Moving Image Production. His favourite part of the film-making process is being out on location in the midst of it all, problem solving on the spot and perfecting the shot.


Harry enjoys a huge variety of music, some he's more comfortable admitting to than others! He's also the proud owner of more guitars than he can find the time to play, having played in several bands over the last 10 years.


When not out shooting, Harry can be found prepping or packing away equipment - early signals for the development of his OCD.

Chris Elmer



Chris graduated from the University of Leeds in 2015 with a 1st Class BA Honours in Cinema & Photography. He holds a keen interest in film theory and history, and, during his time at university, built a candle-lit shrine to Audrey Hepburn in his room, free to visitors.


His favourite part of making a film is the very beginning: when the idea of the film is in its seedling form. Here is when Chris can exercise his creativity and understanding to shape the film into a client’s needs.


Chris, though a filmmaker by trade, is also well under way to becoming history’s first human encyclopaedia. You can ask him anything and he’ll explain why he’s right…or at least not entirely wrong!

Ed Scarrow

Beard: FULL

A fellow graduate of Norwich University of the Arts in Film and Moving Image Production, and recipient of the Vice Chancellors award for cinematography, Ed thrives in the post production stage. Whether it’s piecing together an edit, or applying the finishing touches, elevating a project from spectacular to spectacular-er, the control afforded to him here satisfies his fastidious tendencies.


Norfolk's answer to Bradley Wiggins, when not parading round the office in his skin tight lycra, Ed can be found tearing up the local lanes on his road bike and getting into altercations with motorists.

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